Ahorn Fl./Qt  Ahornmaser  Ahornriegel Fl,/Qt.  Amboinamaser   Anegre Fl./Qt   Anegre marmoriert   Anegreriegel Qt.   Bambus schmal/breit h./d.   Birke weiss Fl.   Birke weiss gesch.   Birkemaser   Birnbaum Fl./Qt   Birnbaumriegel FL,/Qt.   Bubinga pommele   Bubinga/Kevazinga   Buche Fl./Qt   Eiche Fl.   Eiche Rift/Qt.   Eichenmaser   Esche Fl,/Qt.   Eschenmaser weiss   Escheriegel Qt.   Eukalyptus pommele   Eukalyptus Qt.   Eukalyptusriegel Qt.   Imbujamaser   Jatoba Qt. + Fl.   Kastanien Fl.   Kirschbaum US Fl,/Qt.   Lauro Faya   Madrona südam. Qt.   Madronamaser   Mahogany pyramid   Makassar/ Ebenholz   Makore marmoriert   Makore pommele   Makore Qt.   Maple Fl.   Mapleriegel Qt.   Movingueriegel Qt.   Myrthemaser südam.   Myrthemaser   Nussbaum US   Nussbaummaser   Oliveschenmaser   Padouk Qt.   Pappelmaser   Rüstermaser südam.   Rüstermaser   Santos Fl.   Sapeli Fl./Qt,   Sapeli pom.   Sapeliriegel Qt.   Teak   Tineo/Apfel Qt.   Vavonamaser   Vogelaugenahorn   Wenge Fl.   Wenge Qt.   Zebrano  

We do produce about 90.000 m² layons monthly and we do have about 60.000 m² layons in all different kinds of veneers ready for dispatch in our inventory.

All layons are produced up to customer requirements - such as book, slip and plank matched.

Our customers can choose between crossfeed and longitudinal splicing. Most of our layons are urea-resin bonded - for burls adhesive techniques are used in addition.

We can produce up to a length of 4,30m.


  Mappa Burl

  Elm Burl

Walnut Burl

Myrtle Burl

    Maple Burl



   Fig Anegre

 Sapeli Pom

   Fig. Maple

Wenge F.C

  Birds Eye Maple

Layons ready for dispatch

Design & conception Patrick Leleu

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