Ahorn Fl./Qt  Ahornmaser  Ahornriegel Fl,/Qt.  Amboinamaser   Anegre Fl./Qt   Anegre marmoriert   Anegreriegel Qt.   Bambus schmal/breit h./d.   Birke weiss Fl.   Birke weiss gesch.   Birkemaser   Birnbaum Fl./Qt   Birnbaumriegel FL,/Qt.   Bubinga pommele   Bubinga/Kevazinga   Buche Fl./Qt   Eiche Fl.   Eiche Rift/Qt.   Eichenmaser   Esche Fl,/Qt.   Eschenmaser weiss   Escheriegel Qt.   Eukalyptus pommele   Eukalyptus Qt.   Eukalyptusriegel Qt.   Imbujamaser   Jatoba Qt. + Fl.   Kastanien Fl.   Kirschbaum US Fl,/Qt.   Lauro Faya   Madrona südam. Qt.   Madronamaser   Mahogany pyramid   Makassar/ Ebenholz   Makore marmoriert   Makore pommele   Makore Qt.   Maple Fl.   Mapleriegel Qt.   Movingueriegel Qt.   Myrthemaser südam.   Myrthemaser   Nussbaum US   Nussbaummaser   Oliveschenmaser   Padouk Qt.   Pappelmaser   Rüstermaser südam.   Rüstermaser   Santos Fl.   Sapeli Fl./Qt,   Sapeli pom.   Sapeliriegel Qt.   Teak   Tineo/Apfel Qt.   Vavonamaser   Vogelaugenahorn   Wenge Fl.   Wenge Qt.   Zebrano  

We can offer you a wide range of domestic and exotic species. In our warehouse, you can choose amoung more than 75 different veneer species. Enclosed please find a small part of the range we can offer you.

You will find domestic (Maple, Beech, Oak and Cherry), exotic (Bubinga, Sapeli, Makore, Anegre, Wenge, Ebony, Santos, ind. Apple-Tineo), pommele veneers (Eukalypthus, Bubinga, Sapeli, Makore …) as well as burls (Esche, Ambuina, Walnut, Myrtle and so on).
We do produce about 80 % of the veneer we sell - this  means that we can offer you veneer in the thickness you need.

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Sapeli pom. Bubinga pom. Eukalyptus pom.

Sapeli pom.

Bubinga pom.

Eukalyptus pom.

Eukalyptus riegel Sapelie riegel Vogelaugenahorn

Fig. Eukalypthus

Fig. Sapeli

Birds Eye Maple

Makore Olivemaser Anegre riegel Afromosia Makore riegel


Oliv Ash Burl

Fig. Anegre


Fig. Makore

Sapeli Makassar Santos Zebrano Mahogany pyra





Crotch Mahogany

Nussmaser Rüstermaser süd Pappelmaser Amboinamaser Muchel Ahorn

Walnut Burl

South.am. Elm Burl

Mappa Burl

Amboina Burl

Curly Maple

Design & conception Patrick Leleu

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