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New design (f.ex. curved surfaces) and new customer requirements together with the wish to give an easy-to-handle natural product to our customers made us decide to largen our product range.  From now on you can order our new product which is produced at our site in Kuppenheim and distributed under the name of Veneerflex.

The front side of Veneerflex is already sanded in an almost ready to varnish quality. For the back side, you can choose between paperbacked or wood-on-wood 2ply veneer sheets. All veneer sheets are available in standard sizes such as (1,25 x 1,25m, 1,25 x 2,50m and 1,25 x 3,10m) and of course special sizes up to the requirements of our customers.

As our customers told us their are many reasons for using this new product, the most mentioned ones are the easy handling (no more tearing and splitting even with curved forms), less labour costs (as the product is ready to varnished), the possibility to order small quantities (minimum order quantity: 5 layons) and the short delivery time (small order quanities are shipped in carton boxed by DPD).



Santos F.C
Santos F.C.
Wenge C.
Wenge Qt.

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Anegre Riegel



Fig. Anegre

Ash Burl

Mapleflex Sapeliflex Birkeflex Tineoflex Mappaflex FurnierKanten
Maple Flex Sapeli Flex Birch Flex Tineo Flex Mappa Flex Veneer edges
Vogelaugenahornflex Ahorn/-Myrthemaserflex Furnierflex Sortiment

Birds Eye Maple Flex

Maple/-Myrtle Burl Flex

Layons ready for dispatch
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Design & conception Patrick Leleu

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