IMO Plywood

After 10 years in the veneer industry the decision is taken to create our own business in 1992. In the early years we do concentrate on burls and some exotic veneers but soon the growing number of customers with their specific demands make us develop our inventory.

6 years later our first warehouse is already to small and we decide to build our own warehouse. Now we have enough place not only to stock veneer but also to start a veneer splicing unit. In the beginning we do only work for the car industry but soon we are also producing layons for the panel and door industry.

Until today we are a family owned buisness. Over the years we have developped a solid knowledge of the specific demands of our customers - therefor a great number of our overseas customers to not  inspect the goods at our warehouse before they are shipped.

Special customer demands either in veneer, veneer layons or lumber are our challenge. Please feel free to contact us for furhter information.




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Design & conception Patrick Leleu Furnier

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