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We produce certified plywood panels according to IMO Res. MSC.307(88)-FTP Code 2010 Part 1 (non-combustible) and Part 5 (flame retardant according to U.S. Coast Guard No. 164.109/EC0736).

  • Each panel can be manufactured individually according to customer's requirements
  • The grain direction can be selected (cross or lengthwise)
  • Bending plywood (landscape or lengthwise format)
  • Thickness from 3 to 50 mm
  • Individual layers in the structure from 1.5 to 4.2 mm can be selected
  • The grain size 40-120 can be chosen
  Modul D N°: MEDD00000KH


MarineStopFlam veneer certified to IMO Res. 307(88)-FTP Code 2010 Part 5 (flame retardant according to U.S. Coast Guard No. 164.109/EC0736).                                   

  • Material thickness from 0.45 to 4.3 mm
  • Bulk density from 470 to 1300 Kg/m³
  • Veneer range from Papel to Makassar
  • Length up to 4250 mm 
  • Width up to 1350 mm
  • Fleece lamination possible

Product Development

We are very active in the research and development of new products in the field of fire protection.                                                                                                                                                                             

  •   IMO Res. 307(88)-FTP-Code 2010 
  •   DIN EN 45545-2 
  •   DIN 4102 und EN 13501-1 
  •   FAR 25853, ABD 0031, BSS 7230 F1 


On request we develop individual solutions for our customers. 


Patrick Leleu Furnier GmbH is founded and soon focuses on the trade in burl veneer. In order to become more competitive, we specialize in the production production of burl wood and start working mainly for automotive companies such as Daimler Chrysler, Audi and BMW. This enabled the company to grow steadily.
We start developing a process for the fire-retardant treatment of veneer layers in 1.5 mm for the aviation industry. At this time we received the following certificates: Standard FAR 25.853; Standard Airbus ABD0031; Standard Boeing BSS 7230 F1
There was an increasing customer demand for the development of a new plywood to meet the changing standards in the marine industry in terms of fire resistance. As a first step, we developed a plywood in 9 mm and 15 mm, which achieved excellent results. These results have enabled us to develop these panels
Following the change in IMO standards for decorations, we begin our research to develop a fire retardant treatment for decorative veneers. During this time we have obtained certificates for more than 70 different veneers used in the yacht and cruise industry. Standard IMO Res. MSC.307(88) - FTP Code 2010, Part 5 Annex 1 (by DNV), Module D MEDD00000KH.
We test a plate with the values of "A 30" with the aim of achieving an optimum solution as with B 15. (IMO Res. MSC.307(88) - FTP Code 2010, Part 3) The entire production takes place in our factory in Kuppenheim. We use renowned laboratories to test our panels, such as: DMT - Dortmund; EPH - Dresden; Fraunhofer WKI - Braunschweig; IHD - Dresden; DBI - Denmark; MPA - Braunschweig.
We have developed and certified the first plywood panel (BrakeStopFlam - WoodSupport) in accordance with IMO Res.MSC.307(88) FTP Code 2010, Part 1 (non-combustible) in a thickness of 3 to 6 mm.
Following the development of the BrakeStopFlam - WoodSupport Part 1, the partnership with the Fraunhofer Institute (WKI) as well as Metrica and Oldenburger begins and with the additional support of a 3-year funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. After several attempts, in November we succeeded in certifying a plywood panel according to IMO Res.MSC.307(88) - FTP Code 2010, Part 1 (non-combustible) in a thickness of 12.5 to 50 mm.
An extension of the certification according to IMO Res.MSC.307(88) FTP Code 2010 allows us to produce the BrakeStopFlam - WoodSupport plywood panel in a thickness of 2 to 50 mm. To date, Patrick Leleu Furnier GmbH has passed more than 70 tests according to IMO Res.MSC.307(88) - FTP Code 2010.
In July 2022, a new research project will begin with the Fraunhofer Institute - WKI and with the support of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. The requirement runs until June 2025 and is for the development of a non-combustible plywood panel in accordance with DIN EN 13501-2.
The development continues. We are looking forward to the delivery in August/September 2023 of a modern impregnation system for the production of our flame-retardant and non-combustible boards in accordance with DIN EN 13501-2 with birch, poplar, maple, fuma and okume
After 9 months, our new baby is there!
We have to face a new challenge. This new machine is for a modern impregnation plant as well as a new drying plant for the production of our flame-retardant and non-combustible boards according to DIN EN 13501-2 with birch, poplar, maple, fuma and okume.
BrakStopFlam-WoodSupport 2-50 mm
IMO Res.MSC.307 (88) - FTP-Code 2010 Part 1


While we strive to be innovative and at the forefront of the industry, we also look to the future of our planet and the impact of our production.

The use of mainly natural products in our production already makes it significantly more environmentally friendly than productions that work mainly with manmade products.

We have been working with Plant-My-Tree for 3 years to strengthen our efforts to offset our CO-2 production and raw material consumption.

About PLANT-MY-TREE® we participate in the reforestation of protected areas in Germany.

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