Patrick Leleu


All our products are manufactured in our factory in Kuppenheim D-76456, Germany. 

We offer a wide range of products and services related to fire treatment of plywood and veneers.

On request, we develop individually tailored solutions for our customers.


Teil 1

IMO FTP Code 2010 Teil 1, IMO-Resolution MSC.307(88)

Many materials used in the construction of ships, müssen das Prüfkriterium „Nichtbrennbarkeit“ laut IMO-Richtlinien erfüllen – insbesondere die für den Bau von Trennflächen an Bord von Schiffen verwendet werden. 

Teil 5
Flame Retardant

IMO FTP Code 2010 Teil 5, IMO-Resolution MSC.307(88)

Coating materials such as adhesives, laminates, etc., applied to bulkheads, linings, decks, ceilings and floors on board ships shall be tested for surface flammability IMO FTP Code 2010 Part 5.